Membership Categories & Values

The MTA membership year currently runs July 1st - June 30th annually.

Regular Member $175 per license + 25/gaming machine
Regular members are alcohol license owners. Membership is by license, not by individual. 

MONTHLY Regular Member $174 per license + 24/gaming machine
Regular members who want to pay by the month instead of yearly. Dues will be $14.50/month plus $2.00/month/gaming machine

Affiliate Brewery/Distillery/Winery/Liquor Store $250/year
Any business with a brewery, distillery, winery or liquor store license.

Affiliate Distributors $250/year
Any company operating as an alcohol distributor.

Affiliate Past President $175/year
Any past president of the MTA.

Affiliate Friends of the Industry $250/year
Any other business or former license owner who is affiliated with the hospitality industry in Montana.

Association $500/year
This membership category is reserved for local tavern associations. 

**Preferred Provider Insurance - any insurance company wishing to be a preferred provider needs to contact the office for an application.