Convention Information

Please Join Us For The

70th Annual

MTA Convention and Trade Show

in Great Falls, MT

September 25-27, 2023

We're going to kick it all off on Monday with a Golf Tournament, 19th Hole Party and Poker Tournament.  If you don't golf, join us for a fun tour!  It will include a drink at Sip N Dip followed by a trip to Cascade Historical Museum and ending with a lunch at City Bar.  Transportation will be provided from Heritage Inn.  There is a $20 fee.  Please call/email Shannon (406-442-5040 if you would like to register for the tour.

Click Here to register as an attendee.  If you are a member of the MTA, you must log in to get member pricing.

Online registration for vendors has expired.  There's still room, but please call or email Shannon (406-442-5040 or
Ranel (406-459-3494